At first I thought no way am I introducing this blog on April Fool’s Day – but then I realized, my goal for this blog is for it to be a fun and happy place, as corny as that sounds.  So, why not have the first post be in honor of April Fool?

I live nearish to Yosemite National Park and have lived in this area for a quite a long time. I love animals, reading, researching just about any topic that comes to my attention, and have been interested in sustainable lifestyles since I was a kid. This blog is called Kicking the Plastic because I am trying to buy as little plastic as possible and gradually switch over to using as little plastic as possible in daily life. There are both environmental and personal health reasons for this – I have read a lot over the years about plastic chemicals messing up human hormones, but until I went Primal in my diet I never really thought much about it.  All the changes I’ve been making have really opened my eyes to how much effect a tiny little bit of my lifestyle can have on my health and my weight.  If you are concerned about the planet and/or you’ve ever been frustrated trying to lose weight, perhaps you may want to follow along and see as I make changes and talk about what happens (or doesn’t happen)!

Y Girl