I am not sure which site/thread gave me the idea for it, but I decided to put in a mini pond to encourage the frogs to stay around the house and garden and keep eating bugs for me all summer.   It will also provide water for the feral cat and probably some birds and squirrels, maybe coyotes, possibly deer…  Maybe gophers too, ugh.

It is truly mini – a metal bucket sunk in the ground.

The bucket is used because I want to avoid plastic, even though by using a trash bag or something I could have made a larger, more interesting pool.  This is a bucket that has been used for ashes for the fireplace.

I decided to put the pond by the front porch, facing West, in a spot that is overhung by the porch roof so is generally quite dry compared to surrounding areas.

I dug a hole.  It took about 30 seconds.  Yay for spring-wet ground!

There goes the bucket.

Now I added a sort of earth ramp so that even the tiniest of creatures can get in and out safely.

Filled up to the top.

And let it set.  Now, several days later, it looks quite nice and clear.

I think from first picture to last bit of tamping dirt around the edge I spent less than five minutes total.  I will be getting a water plant soon from the local fish store to help maintain the tiny habitat there, at which point I will have spent about $4.00 on this project.  Now there is a new, reliable water source for birds, squirrels, bugs such as bees, frogs, lizards, various local cats, and other useful animals (as well as disliked ones, but I think the usefulness will outweigh the fact that possums and gophers and rabbits can also use it).  I have more plans for this spot of ground – can’t wait to see what it all ends up looking like!

Y Girl