I intend this to be an ongoing series of posts in which I will report how many pounds of food are produced and how much that would have cost to buy versus how much it cost to grow.  Or, if I do a project where I make something or find an alternative to buying some normal, plastic item, then I will calculate the costs of both options.  I know that I personally have always enjoyed reading actual numbers on any type of how-to project and it seems to be one of the things most missing in the permaculture/grassfarming type articles and books that I have read over the years.  I realize it’s kind of difficult when caught up in the flow of a busy summer season to stop and weigh the produce before eating it (my family always called peas “garden candy” because none of the pods ever made it inside the house to be cooked), but I think it will be very fascinating to see the stats.  So, I am going to make a real effort to keep track of every minute detail of the crops produced and money saved.

I am hoping to dehydrate some of what is produced, so before I dehydrate anything I will weigh it and then tell you the weight and size post-dehydration, too.  Oh, and I am thinking about making a solar dehydrator, even though there is one I could borrow.  It might be more fun, as well as cutting down on the plastic fumes my food is exposed to.  At least the good thing is that here in Cali we sure have great sun for dehydrating stuff!  It even makes me dehydrate the second I step outside.

I will eventually add up what it would have cost me to buy everything that my garden produced and we will see how much that comes to at the end of the year!

Y Girl