This series will be about individual things I have done to switch over from plastic to using natural materials.  I will try to provide cost breakdowns, pros and cons in my opinion of each version, how much effort it took to switch, and what affect it has had on my emotions/health/life in general.  Now, if I could just get a non-plastic computer keyboard!

First, the obvious change:  I stopped buying water bottles.  I never used to buy that many, since I work at a desk and usually had a glass of water on the desk to drink from.  The glass used to be a plastic tumbler, though – yikes!  When I did buy water bottles, I tended to reuse them, which it turns out is a VERY BAD idea.

But, about two years ago I got an insulated Klean Kanteen and started using ONLY glass glasses.  The glasses are extremely cheap to stock up on at thrift stores.  I like the taste a LOT more, too.  It was interesting, until I started researching the plastic stuff, I never realized how easy it really is to taste and smell plastic.  And, if you can taste it and smell it, it means you are ingesting it and it is going into your cells.  Gross.

The thing about plastic is that many of the chemicals that make up plastic products are used as hormones by our bodies.  In other words, the entire world is having its reproductive systems messed with.  Many animals are actually affected worse than us humans, but humans are having tons of issues with hormones.  It does not just mean danger of things like infertility, it means things like premature aging, cancers, bad moods, persistent fat, etc. etc.  So yeah, I am serious about kicking my plastic out the door as much as possible, starting with anything related to my food.

I think with shipping my Kanteen came to about $32 or so, which is not cheap up front at all.  However, I have used it several times a week since then and in that time I probably would have bought at least 40 water bottles, at more than a dollar each.  So the math comes out right on that one already.  It being me, the poor thing has a quite a few dings already, but still works perfectly and it is AMAZING how cold stuff stays in a hot car in the middle of summer!  I figure it should last me at least another five to ten years, minimum, though I might have to replace the top earlier.

Y Girl