The front yard is where the great views happen that everyone oohs and ahs over.

Of course, the house being on the side of a hill means that there are pretty much constant winds year-round which rattle the house and make heating more expensive in winter.  Oh well.  There is still wind in summer, which is nice then.

There used to be an orchard here, but it has never done very done very well because the dirt on this slope is totally pathetic.  Only one of the fruit trees is still alive and I want to revive it and really get it strong this year.  It bloomed really well for several weeks this spring, even despite a heavy snow.  We’ll see if it sets fruit.  I think it might be a nectarine?

I also want to add as much humus as possible to the soil all over this slope.  Even the native grass has a hard time getting taller than three inches here because the dirt is so thin and stony and dries out extremely fast.

The beautiful green grass is almost at the peak for this year.  Already, agh!  I love, love, love green and when everything dries up it makes me sad…

All the  pictures were taken standing in the same approximate area as the mini frog pond, next to the front porch.

Below are some pictures of this same slope just three weeks ago.  I adore snow, even if it did kill my about-to-sprout morning glories.  We don’t get snow often, so it’s always a treat!

So yeah, this is a difficult part of the property that I want to finally tackle and see what can be done to improve it.

Part Four

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