The previous owners of this property used to stake their mini goats out here to graze, but really I think it is too steep in most of this area to do anything with.  Better to leave it alone and keep it covered with the cottonwood and willow leaves from the lawn above.  It’s kind of cool, about ten years when I was still a kid I remember seeing a litter of red fox kits playing on the road right here.

They were totally adorable and reminded me of kittens with the way they pounced on each other.  My siblings and I were cooing rather loudly and I know the kits heard us but they just kept playing.  Really cute!

Also, late last summer I heard a whoosh outside of the window as I was working inside and looked out and a red-tailed hawk had landed on the sunny slope and was sunning itself with wings spread wide.  Here is the extremely blurry picture I managed to get before it flew away again.

It’s terrible quality, but I’m including it for evidence…  If you can even tell it’s a bird, LOL!

Here is a closer look at the slope when not covered by leaves.  These are very tough plants – I am not sure what they are called.  We used to call them clock flowers because when the long pointy seeds dry up they curl and burrow into the ground.  You can hold them in your hand, separate the tip, and watch it wind.

I used to often see a coyote crossing the road and going under this tree, but after moving the dog near there it seems to have changed its afternoon route.

So, that is the super hilly part of the property.  Because it is a small property and because I will be picking up some of the dead wood, I would say it is zone 4 in permaculture terms.


Y Girl