It seems like my immediate family members are the ONLY people I know who basically never have seasonal allergies, and none of my siblings (or me) ever had asthma.  There are several of us, so it always seemed a bit unusual to me, considering the prevalence among other families.  It’s especially weird considering that breathing fumes from candles or woodsmoke or basically anything tends to give me a headache after about five minutes, so I’m pretty sensitive.

Right now the pollen outside is so thick it layers all the cars in green and yellow and if you go on a walk at dawn the air smells incredibly strong and spicy.  I can tell I am breathing a lot of pollen, but I do not have to blow my nose often and my head and eyes feel great.  I am quite “bright-eyed and busy-tailed” lately, actually.  It’s not that I have good genes, either, because various cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents have seasonal allergies.

I was wondering why none of my immediate family has allergy problems and thinking about plastic and what I’ve been learning lately.  Specifically, if you are using plastic around your food supply, it leaches chemicals most quickly when exposed to radiation such as sunlight, heat, or acids.  I suddenly realized that maybe the reason we don’t suffer from allergies is because growing up (and still, for those of us who have moved out) we never had a microwave.  It never seemed necessary and with so many little kids it’s kind of a given it would get broken often, so we never got one.

I did a little googling, and boy is there a lot of interesting stuff out there related to plastic and the airway!

If you use a microwave and don’t want to stop using it yet, try only heating things in glass or ceramic.  The microwave itself is still plastic, but you will lessen your exposure that way.  Then you can think about putting your microwave in the garage for a month or two and seeing how you can get along without it.

The body is pretty incredible and can metabolize a lot of poisons with time; phthalates especially I believe can clear out within a week, though other plastics might take longer.  What if you could cure your allergies and asthma symptoms by eliminating plastic?

I am SOOO curious about this, please someone try this and tell me!

Y Girl