This area includes the dog, an old set of outbuildings (including the one I had my first flock of chickens in over ten years ago), the water tank (everyone around here is on well water), and it goes up to a very wooded area past the perimeter fence.  LOTS of poison oak up above there, but I don’t have to worry about that, fortunately.

Next, a little above:

Sort of panning around in a circle.  Isn’t this pretty?  Definitely the absolute peak of the year in CA, IMO.

Whoops, totally forgot about this old shell of a tank.  Wonder how many years it’s been here?

Looks like we’re miles from anywhere, ahh…

Here is the dog, Kippy.  I was going to tell her to sit and stay to get a better picture, but I remembered that even when she is staying her head still keeps moving, so oh well.  The only way to get a non-blurry picture of her is sneak up when she is asleep, and that is pretty hard.

Here we are overlooking the driveway.

Another clump of iris.  These are definitely zone 4 – never get watered, weeded, or dead-headed.  This year I am picking some flowers, but even that didn’t happen much in recent years.  They smell great.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

That finishes up this series about my immediate surroundings for now, but I intend to add some more about other significant features of the landscape around here, such as the nearby quarter acre pond.  Stay tuned…

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