My computer monitor was getting pretty dusty.

LCD screens are a little tricky, since you can’t get them more than slightly damp and if you press too hard you can burn out some of the pixels, so people usually buy the little kits so as to be sure they won’t damage their screen.

I read several articles the last few weeks about cleaning them yourself and finally decided to just get to it and try it out.  I took a very soft, clean cotton cloth and wetted it thoroughly with distilled water, which is recommended much more than tap water.  I was just out of vinegar so did not do the half and half solution but probably will soon so as to make sure there is no grease left on.

So as minimize the chances of injuring the screen, and to absorb any excess water, I wrapped the cloth around a dry sponge.  Then I used that to wipe the screen.

Much better!  Hope this less-plastic idea for cleaning LCD screens by yourself is a help to someone.  Cost:  Fraction of a (plastic, bummer) jug of distilled water, so only a few cents.

Y Girl