I call myself “Y Girl” partly because I live near Yosemite and partly because I am a big advocate of critical thinking and asking questions.  Questions are good and they become vital if you are afraid of the answers.

I have been reading a lot of minimalist blogs the last year or two.  From one of them I was reminded of a blog I had seen before, back when it was still fakeplasticfish.  Now the blog is called My Plastic Free Life and it is a fascinating and very helpful collection of resources and reasons for eliminating most plastic from my life.  When I had run across her blog before, I was saddened to learn about the ocean garbage patches (gyres) the size of whole countries and the way decades of plastic trash were devastating whole species – but I was not ready to try to tackle it in my own life.  I was overwhelmed by my own issues at the time.  Then last year I saw an article on Yahoo about the Zero Waste family and this time it clicked and I got really interested in the challenge of phasing as much plastic out of my life as possible. It seemed like something I would be proud of when I’m 80, which is kind of what I try to live my life by.

I do not want to sacrifice beauty, convenience, health, or much time or money in service of this ideal and I do not think I need to.  Life is busy and hard for everyone and if we are going to “help the environment” (augh, this makes it seem as if we are not part of the environment!) it needs to be because we are getting tangible benefits from it and it needs to be something that, properly designed, fits into the stream of life well.  I  am posting this blog partly for my own record keeping and partly to be another voice of encouragement out there.  I think most people dislike the throwaway culture we have and more guilt is not necessary – just more ideas and helping each other.  We all tend to have quite a bit of learned helplessness as to the environment, but little things really do matter.  Just do something little today.  And I hope you keep reading!  You can contact me at gmail using my blog address.

Mostly the blog will be about my own thoughts and experiments simply because everyone’s lives are so different that I am hesitant to give any advice.  Instead, you can see my thought process and get ideas for things to research or try yourself in whatever way it works for you.

Welcome to my virtual homestead! 😀

Y Girl


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Eric R. Shelton
    Apr 05, 2012 @ 16:16:12

    I like it! It sounds like you’re trying to balance ecological issues in a sane way. Now, are you really trying to kick plastics entirely, or just in the overpacking of food and waste products sense? I’m a really big fan of my Nalgene bottles that I keep and use over and over…


  2. kickingtheplastic
    Apr 05, 2012 @ 17:15:36

    Thanks for the comment! I know a lot of people who really love Nalgene – I just did a post on my water bottle https://kickingtheplastic.wordpress.com/2012/04/04/kickin-ur-plastic-part-1, but overall I would say I wish I could live almost but not completely plastic free. Computers and medical equipment are awesome and some of those things have to be plastic. First I am trying to get rid of single-use plastics and then I want to keep looking at things in my life to head towards more durable, beautiful, antique (or luxury now, antique someday) items.


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